Windstar Cruises – 10 Things You Need to Know before cruising with them!

10 things you need to know about Windstar Cruises if you are thinking of cruising with them. Cruise expert and Author Gary Bembridge from, shares ten key things you need to understand about Windstar and their ships, on-board service and ambience, types of passengers, fares and more. Selecting the right cruise line is key to a successful cruise vacation and this video will help you navigate around that choice and understand if Windstar is right for you.

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My travel with Windstar was arranged by the cruise booking agent Mundy Cruising:

Gary Bembridge of shares weekly travel inspiration, tips and advice to help you to make the most of your precious travel and vacation time and money.

I’m Gary Bembridge, a travel blogger, writer, published author, podcaster and vlogger. My goal is to help you find and have amazing travel experiences on both land and at sea.

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john haxby says:

Cant stop looking at those black teeth

Charmayne Ross says:

Great information. We are looking for ships that emphasize destinations versus entertainment. The entertainment is the destination and exploring what it has to offer.

Matthew Lyons says:

Excellent information. Thank you!

Cruise Planners says:

Very well described. Thanks.

Andy Anderson says:

We have done five transatlantic cruises and two trips to the South Pacific on Winstar and can’t wait till we get to go again….loved every minute

Judy Morales says:

Is Wind Start friendly to single travelers?

Flavio Guidastre says:

Thanks for all these tips!!

Phil M says:

My problem is I like all the features of a small ship but I think I am too easily made seasick.  Rats!

Ninja_Jax Gaming says:

1st of all Carnival do actually own Windstar !!! Bought them in 1988 when I worked for them

TerryM says:

Excellent video.With regard to the type of passenger that would be attracted to Windstar, what would be the age demographic?

Michele Wirth says:

Excellent! Thank you!

Goathead85 says:

Absolutely love your no nonsense straight to the information style! Don’t know that I’ve ever seen this type of video before, although I wish others would take a lesson from you!!! Thanks for the information Sir.

Michael Saul says:

You are on the former “Seabourn Spirit”.

Drew Canfield says:

You are, by far, the most informative person we have found. I am sure that the Windstar cruise lines is about to enjoy our company.  Thank you for your valuable information

Jl Clark says:

Great viideo. We have done several cruises on the big ships but fell in love with river cruises for several of the same reasons you mention for Windstar. We hope to give Windstar a shot this fall (2018) Icons of SE Asia.

lonny contrary says:

Can you say something abour accessible cabins with Windstar? Ixve never been on a cruise and am interested if this would be a good one for me or if I should stick to looking at the larger lines

William Victor says:

Did I miss it, or did you not compare prices between resort ships and Windstar? The more personal attention and fewer quests might bring a cost increase, I would think.

Christine Lines says:

THank you for your excellent informative video. It really helps when choosing a cruise / cruise line. Just one question – we are looking at a ‘repositioning’ cruise from Puerto Rico to Lisbon…. basically it is just a lot of sea days and achance to relax! Do you think these smaller ships are still comfortable on the big ocean crossings? Have you done such a cruise before? Would appreciate your feedback!

Jorge Gomez says:


Jim McDonough says:

Very informative. We saw a Windstar sailing ship on our first trip to France, a long time ago. It seemed to be following us – Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo. I’ve always been curious about them. You say they charge for all the usual cruise ship things. I haven’t cruised in so long I don’t know what those are. Wi-fi hadn’t been invented yet. They charge for beer/wine/spirits, shore excursions, wi-fi, and you pay gratuities. Anything else? What do they charge for wi-fi?

Our last few cruises have been on a schooner in Maine. Let me tell you that is a different experience!

Ranch Gal says:

Thank you for your explanation! Fabulous. Windstar seems like its exactly what i am searching for my first cruising experience.

thejokerspeaks says:

Our favorite cruise line so far is Celebrity. I got recommended Windstar, which seems surprisingly great value for the money. I’m in my late 30’s, have done 6 cruises, so have plenty left to see. Compared to other “luxury” options I’ve looked at, this seems to hit the exotic ports, at a quality that justifies the difference in price between it, and the mass market. 8 night Ireland/Scotland for $1,699 US, that’s maybe $300 more than what Holland America would charge in the region?

Yuli says:

Are the bathrooms a separate room? Or are they separated by a curtain from the main room?

* says:

Thank you ! GREAT information

L Chapman says:

I love the open bridge policy!

scobralazor says:

Great video. With docking at smaller ports is possible to get off the ship and just explore the region close to the port without booking an excursion? or do the ports tend to still be farther away from town?

Sarah Sherter says:

Great tips. Thanks! Can’t decide between Windstar and Seabourn. We’re both the casual elegant and formal elegant people. It’ll be our honeymoon either Caribbean or Tahiti.

Ronald Wolf says:

Can’t thank you enough for posting this. I was skeptical, my wife wants to go. Your info convinced me. We will probably be taking the Windsurf, “Yachting the Riviera”, but looks like we missed the October 2017 booking. Seems like next booking availability is June 2018.
Thanks again for helpful info.

Samuel Spade says:

Do you know if they adhere to all the required safety parameters? Are the ships safe and maintained well? Do they allow smoking on board? I do not smoke and would not want to be stuck on a small ship with nowhere to go to avoid the smoke?

Payer says:

I like Allure of the seas (huge ship) but it doesn’t have that feel like you are cruising on an ocean, the smaller ships like Windstar has the feeling like you are cruising on the ocean (If you get seasick, probably not your best choice)

Queen Maja says:

The most informative travel video on cruising that I’ve seen. New subscriber here. Thank you.

Jamie Banks says:

Great tips! Haven’t been on a cruise in a while but will keep these in mind.

Rosie Roberts says:

just thought I’d say that my family went on a cruise with Windstar in summer 2016 around the Greek island and it was fab, although the boat is small there is still a lot to do and the staff always found something for the teens to do at night. we were on one of the smaller of the ships – Windstar – so each stop we always were in the middle of the town and got off and on and had a look around, on one night we stopped off and we had a large banquet dinner with a Greek dance and when we got back to the ship, the staff were lined up on either side to welcome us back on. the staff were very friendly and helpful and you got to know them well, the food was great, I’m a vegetarian and they catered so well, the chef made me a separate thing for me, for example, a vegetarian curry and it was always delicious. the watersports day was very fun with the mats and especially being able to be sun-dried after! the open policy was really cool because we were allowed to go inside where they controlled the ship and the captain was super friendly and we learnt quite a lot as well. so overall, it was a great experience and I​ would do another cruise with Windstar.

SLUAviationvideos says:

Those ships are well seasoned adults not teens lol…..the youngest ship in their fleet is 26 yrs old which is star legend ( ex Seabourn) and the oldest is 30yrs which is Windstar.

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