Star Cruises Cruise Review | SuperStar Virgo


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Ever wondered how a cruise ship looks like? Well, here’s the chance to have a quick and complete look at Star Cruises’ largest vessel, SuperStar Virgo.

Come travel with me on a short 3 days 2 nights trip from Singapore to Pulau Redang and let’s have a glimpse at the boarding process, newly refurbished deluxe room, entertainment, eateries, de- boarding process & so much more. Also featured is the beautiful Pulau Redang, famous for its clear blue waters and a hotspot for water activities. This report is dedicated to all 1,300 crew members on the ship.

Name: SuperStar Virgo
Owner: Star Cruises
Port of registry: Panama City, Panama
Ordered: 22 November 1995
Builder: Meyer Werft, Germany
Cost: $350 million
In service: 10 October 1999
Tonnage: 75,338 GT
Length: 268.60 m (881 ft 3 in)
Beam: 32.3 m (106 ft)
Depth: 11.50 m (37 ft 9 in)
Decks: 13
Speed: 25.5 knots
Capacity: 2,800 passengers (all berths)
Crew: 1,300

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Ravi Agarwal says:

Nice and awesome hospitality but I want to see the reivew of superstar Gemini

lyssdolan says:

How much ?

Radha Swami says:

best service

Antony Milread says:

Thanks Man! Also thanks for the Tip.. Cheers

Vanilla Ice-Cream says:

The feeling really sucks when u are having exams and u see such video lol ^O^

Aarushi Gandhi says:

This cruise is HORRIBLE compared to MSC Magnifica! Check it out and you will be totally amazed. I would NEVER EVER go on the star cruise after seeing this video, no offence sorry!

Huilin Huilin says:

I just came back from it. Deck 11 room 11612. Love it. Please reply. Also love your videos .:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Insha Hassan says:

from where to where the cruise go

Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz says:

i spotted virgo in laoag currimao port, jeez it was big, some said there were dolphins and whales near it

Diamond tube hd says:

Which month did you go

Antony Milread says:

Can u let me know what is the Dress code for the Captains GALA Dinner for guys… I am bit confused.

Rohen Kapur says:

Went on this ship in 1999    Was a lovely time.

Prince Raj says:

I have always been excited about sea voyages, but my first ever tour to Andaman, haven’t been great due to 2 reasons: 1) The sea was rough 2) The ship was small. Because of which there was lot of sways, and i kept on throwing out, and in 1 hour voyage, almost fell sick, by the time i reached Havelock island from Port Blair. I understand, this is a huge ship, and for some reason, i am still excited about ship tours. So my question is, tell me, did you at all feel the ship vibrations etc or are there chances of getting sea sick in such cruises?

Umi Reog Ae says:

I wanna go again

Ding Dong says:

how cost from singapore to pulau redang or pulau redang to singapore?

Raul Alvaro says:

Sorry, but my cruise is royal Caribbean Cruise no.1

SeanGnaix says:

BTW, the Cruise ship is totally renovated. Different from dis video

SeanGnaix says:

It was awesome! I wanna go again!

Random06 says:

Thank god I went on Virgo 3 years ago. Gemini kinda sucks

vitasoy vitasoy says:

just came back from virgo, the new chinese band was terrible. the philipino band is so much better. food was nice!

ExtraKimB says:

How is the pricerang on Star Cruises compared to Royal Caribbean, NCL or Celebrity? Is it cheap to cruise in Asia on Asian branded ships (I know that Star Cruises own NCL).

Angel Cat says:

you won’t enjoy Philippines this way

Huilin Huilin says:

Thanks bro

Fazleen Shuhada Zainal Abidin says:

Aku naik libra je

SeanGnaix says:

I juz came back from dis Cruise

Unicorno26GT says:

I also been there since i was little because my parents are regulars there hehe….

Glenda Taperla says:

Hello po. I’m from Game changer Philippines po. Is it possible po if we use your video on one of our segments? We will give credits po after the show. Thank you po! 🙂

Diamond tube hd says:

How did you book the ticket

Sapphire Jasper says:

Man.. My childhood ship. I hope she returns to Singapore. She is the best cruise I have taken so far.

Although, a Star Cruises enthusiast said, after Genting Dream (Sister company of Star Cruises/Also owned by Genting) ship is launched, she would return and Genting Dream would take over Virgo’s current route in HK/CN/JP

Diamond tube hd says:

I am from jurong

Vanilla Ice-Cream says:

Nostalgic :’) <3

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