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Today we are visiting Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon Vietnam on our Diamond Princess Asia Cruise vlog series. On this Diamond Princess cruise we’ll cover 2800 nautical miles and visit Tokyo, Shimizu, Osaka, Taipei (Keelung), Hong Kong, Nha Trang & Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam, and Singapore.

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We start off this morning’s Princess cruise vlog with a picturesque look at Phu My cruise port in Vietnam. Phu My is not a tender port, so we just hopped right of the ship and headed for the exit gate. In Phu My, however, just walking out the exit is not an option. You have to take a bus to the exit. So we waited in very short line, and ultimately made our way out. After a quick trip out the gate, we met our guide, hopped on a very comfortable mini bus, and started our journey to the Rex hotel. At the Rex hotel we drank fantastic Vietnamese coffee, listened to the informative talk of our guide Tu, and took in the beautiful views around the hotel. The next stop on our tour was a fascinating temple where we were guided through burning incense, and entertained with discussions about the culture and history of the area. Afterward we embarked on probably one of the craziest things we’ve done on an excursion. We traveled around the busy streets of Ho Chi Mini City Vietnam by rickshaw. Now, to clarify, being on a rickshaw was not the crazy part. The crazy part was the Ho Chi Minh City traffic, and feeling so close to it. It was a super fun adventure, and we highly recommend it. Next up was a stop for Pho lunch at the delectable Pho 2000 restaurant. The food was terrific. The restaurant was wonderfully chaotic, and certainly a must try experience. After lunch we took a quick trip to the market. Our guide told us we shouldn’t bother trying to buy anything, because the haggling is commonplace. Other brief stops included Vietnams version of Notre Dame, and a famed post office. Following those brief stops, we headed off to the War museum. The war museum is a good stop for anyone interested in this dark period, and the historical significance of these events. We decided the images and other related items were too disturbing for our young son, and spent the majority of this stop in a nearby coffee shop. The final stop on our adventure was a Lacquer factory where we were treated to a thorough explanation of the process involved in creating these beautiful pieces of art. After the explanation we were allowed to spend some time shopping for souvenirs. We close out the video with a look at Phu My port. This was a quite day on our Diamond Princess cruise adventure. It was varied, exhilarating, and educational all wrapped up in one package. From the fun conversations with our guide, to the mouth watering Pho at Pho 2000, and the up close interaction with Ho Chi Minh City traffic, it was another memorable day on our Princess Cruises voyage to Asia. Thanks for joining us for this cruise vlog as we travel to Japan for our Diamond Princess Asia Cruise. We’ve got much more Asia cruise adventures ahead. We’ll have some Asia cruise tips, more cruise vlogs from Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Singapore.

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Jim Packwood says:

Was there during the war, don’t care to go back.

Pam Lezcano says:

Great video, going on Spectrum in May and we go to that port, but I am thinking if staying on the ship with my 2 year old grandson, I think Saigon will be too much for him. I am sure my daughter and son-in-law will enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your experience

WD Harris says:

Need a better English speaking guide….I know…I’m being critical…sorry. I’m glad I found your channel…after all that Sea Cruisers scandal BS. Don’t trust them….ripped me off for hundreds.

nicisdeadpool says:


Lisa Driscoll says:

Your tour guide is soooo cute!

WickedWonder1979 says:

That was a very cool excursion! The rickshaws are something I’d like to try, along with that pho!

J G says:

I never wanted to travel in this part of the world until I watched your vlogs. Thanks

Tom Barton says:

Is there a free shuttle that goes to & from the town, Saigon? The only thing that I was aware of was a paid bus through the ship.

kim k says:

Your tour guide was too cute!

Kymulina says:

The tour guide was really engaged in travel video with you. How cute.

NYC Rocks says:

This is absolutely amazing! What an awesome excursion!

Xavier's Leong Way From Home says:

Nice video tour! I loved Vietnam when I was there, nice work!

Allison Walker says:

Thank you for sharing learning so much

Nancy Zahradnik says:

Interesting video! Enjoyed seeing the sights! Really liked your tour guide.

HurleysWork says:

Got some good shots around the city!

Willow Raevynwood says:

Looking at that pho made my mouth water!! I think I need to pick some up for dinner tonight!

Mitte Man says:

Hi Sheri and CruiseTips family. Was that tour operated by Pham Tours ? I have booked with them for 9th April when we arrive on Majestic Princess. Looks to be the same itinerary as shown to me, but different order.. Would I be able to post a link to this Vlog in our rollcall on Cruise Critic ? Many thanks and keep up the fantastic work.. Mr CruiseTipsTV does a splendid job with editing.. Cheers, Peter.

Tony Peters says:

Great tour! I need to put Saigon on my places to visit list. I love Vietnamese food already.

Dev Jo says:

Next year, I am going on a Carnival cruise for seven nights. With 4 ports, how much money do you suggest I save?

Kenneth Gentry says:

Great video, thank you for sharing this with us. I would love to see Vietnam again.

Ginger Johnson says:

These Vlogs are incredible! It is so wonderful watching your sweet family capture these amazing memories & having the skill to preserve & share them. My sweet aunt and uncle traveled to Vietnam yearly to do medical work and build schools. I just showed my daughter a resin jewelry they brought me back the other day. How fun to see all of those items! Thank you for sharing your amazing work and style with us. XOXO

Jo Dura says:

Thank you for this. Loved this video. Like the simple statement about lunch. That said it all….I would love to do Asia cruise. Thanks for taking us on this journey.

Ryan Chimilar says:

What do you use to record your videos.

Sunny Wallace says:

For that huge city, the streets seem to be very clean which is amazing. Great places, would love to visit there. Amazing history and people.

Nancy M. says:

Incredible filming. Thank you!

Justin Ly says:

There’s vn coffee in the u.s

cool alex says:

it it a good travel guide,welcome to china

Kanita Krilic says:

Too much running around ….I like to relax on my cruises.

Jennifer Kildow says:

You guys really had some amazing excursions on this trip. Thanks for taking us along.

Geraldine Miller says:

Hi sheri great vlog. Vietnam looked beautiful. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us xx

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