Princess Asia Cruise Singapore Mini Vlog

Hey cruisers!
It’s debarkation day, and we’re visiting Singapore!

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Today is the last day of our life changing Asia Cruise. On this Diamond Princess cruise we covered 2800 nautical miles and visited Tokyo, Shimizu, Osaka, Taipei (Keelung), Hong Kong, Nha Trang & Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam, and Singapore.

We start off this morning’s Princess cruise vlog with a quick breakfast in the main dining room as we gear up for a leisurely debarkation. Last night our son came down with a little flu bug, and we had to take him to the medical center. In the end it wasn’t too serious, but it did put a damper on the evening. By mid-morning he was feeling much better, and we were all looking forward to seeing Changi Airport in Singapore. It was surprisingly easy to get a taxi from the the port. Our driver was super nice, and his car was pretty fancy. He offered us a city tour for a reasonable price, but the 3 hour minimum put it just out of our budget. The Changi airport is simply amazing. It’s beautiful, clean, strangely quiet, and full of friendly staff eager to help. We were there for quite a while, but there was so much to see and do that the time flew by. Our son is a big Harry Potter fan, so we were delighted to see a huge Harry Potter exhibit shortly after we arrived. We may do an entire episode on Changi airport, but for now we’ll just give you a peek of some of the outstanding features. There’s a butterfly garden, a movie theatre, and tons of restaurants and shops. It is without a doubt the best airport we have ever visited. We really had a good time at the airport, and that is not something we say a lot. The flight home wasn’t quite as fun. It was extremely long, but we knew it was going to be rough when we booked it. I mentioned in the beginning of this description that this was a life changing cruise, and while that may seem a little overboard, I stand by it. We spent quality time as a family, and got to experience simply amazing things together. We met wonderful people that made us feel welcome and reassured. Smiles, and laughter instantly broke down language barriers, and we left many ports feeling like we were leaving friends. It feels to me like this was literally an unforgettable cruise that will always be in our hearts. Thank you for joining us for this cruise vlog as we traveled Asia aboard the Diamond Princess.

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BusyMomma Parayno says:


Rebecca Chiu says:

Brought back so much sweet memories! We were on this same cruise but unfortunately we did not bump into you guys. It was such an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing.

S212S2 says:

Omg that’s an airport?? Looks like a travel destination all on its own! Great series by the way, what a great Asia trip.

Aileen Perez says:

What an awesome video! Loved it hopefully he is feeling better ☺️ hello from

Ginger Johnson says:

So happy for your family. What a great time you have had & shared with all of us.

Sydney Forrester says:

Disembarkation day can be so sad but you found a great way to spend the time before flying out.

Chris Fox says:

loved it

Ethan H says:

Christmas decoration still .. wow lol

Mandy Jolil says:

Thank you for all of videos of this holiday great job x

MsKestrela says:

What an amzing, enlightening and FUN trip that was…for you three, and for me! I’m sure your heads are still spinning from the cultures, flavors and people you experienced. Thank you for sharing it.

C J says:

YAY Welcome to my homeland singapore. Hope you come and singapore and stay for a week 🙂

Shannon Blakely says:

Singapore is at the top of my bucket list!

Geraldine Miller says:

Hi sheri have loved watching your videos they’ve been amazing. Your little family is lovely. I hope the memories of your anniversary cruise stay with you forever. Xxx

Nancy Zahradnik says:

I feel like I was on vacation with you. Was so enjoyable to watch and we hope your son is well and you got home safely.

danesha s says:

Great vlog!

Jane Cave says:

Thank you you guys for another great vlog…Singapore airport is a ‘wonder’ ! We’ve been lucky enough to experience it too. So glad you had a fantastic really are an amazing super cute family! Hugs xx

steve bartley says:

Whoa ! serious bags under your eyes

Jennifer McClintock says:

Wow that airport is amazing

Amber Rosado says:

I have so enjoyed watching these vlogs and it has really inspired me to have the confidence to want to travel abroad.

Nancy Greenstreet says:

So enjoyed the Premiere ~. Was an amazing series. Thank you for taking us along!

Jo Dura says:

This airport is unbelievable. I just added Singapore to my bucket list. What a closing statement!! This was real and heartfelt. This is why you have such a following. Love me some CTTV family

Skye Kym says:

I’ve read this airport was a must visit…it’s stunning!! Thanks for the vlog!

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