Ovation of the Seas tour 2018

A full tour of the Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas. We also give our review of this beautiful new cruise ship.

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Carol Whitmore says:

Hi I love this review and I love the music tell me what it is all called so I can download it yay

My Travel World says:

Great video and review thx

CRKT says:

Is there a ‘Johnny Rockets’ restaurant on board? My previous Royal Caribbean cruises had it so I was wondering if this had one too.

Margaret Du Bignon says:

we sail on it from Singapore 23rd November.

AaronPlaysGuitar says:

Going onto ovation of the seas tommorow

British Reviewer says:

Great video, why didn’t you feature the North Star though ?

Sharknado and Girly girl says:


Fire Brew says:

Is the food and activities complementary?

living with the cunninghams says:

this was an enjoyable video. i usually find ship tour to be long and boring. But yall had good music, great editing, nice video length, and just enough commentary. look forward to watching more.

Hi Hi says:

The restraints are amazing

ksumamur says:

We cruised on Ovation of the Seas last weekend from Singapore to Phuket. It was totally amazing. I recommend everyone to try it.

IHaveNoName says:

Washy Washy!! (Only people who went to windjammer will get it)

econojon says:

would love to see daily pov vlogs of each day on your ship. Get to know the experience first hand.

sanjukta das says:

Arent Ifly and Northstar complementary anymore?

Joseph Dadey says:

Wow! This is the first ship I’ve seen that I can honestly say seems like “too much”. I would possibly feel like I’m lost in some upscale shopping mall at sea. Can you possibly even have an experience that feels “personal” on this ship?

Narrs Tilbury XOXO says:

I go in 5 days time!!!!!

Fortnite GamerBoy2006 says:

And waterslides

Alix Moses says:

How does the main dining room work on ovation? Do you have to have reservations at each MDR or are you given an assigned table in each room?

Sharknado and Girly girl says:

I really can’t spell today

Barnaby Brown says:

Seriously good review, well done man.

Julie Wilson says:

That looks amazing !!! Would love to try it out , maybe one day !? Loved your review guys xx

Jenny Bentancort says:

oh! and yes congras for your music… how do you do it so well ?

Lu Ruello says:

Just got back from a 5 day cruise to Tasmania on Ovation of the Seas. A brilliant ship with awesome food, service and first class entertainment throughout . Loved it!

Len Gattsche says:

to loud music. edit better

StellarBlue1 says:

Good grief, the music is so annoying. Can hardly hear the host narrating…

101cooltaz says:

i want go….

Mj Green says:

I am driving to Sydney tomorrow and the next day hopping on board!

Meng Chen Curtis says:

Very good and fair review. Looking forward to our cruise in December.

Boat Lover says:

Really enjoying your channel. I’d love to see you do a lot more ship reviews. Many such videos are either too long or short, yours was the perfect length and breadth.

Pine DCVS says:

We are sailing on it from singapore to sydney on 23rd november cant wait

Hi Hi says:

I went on this ship amazing

CRKT says:

4 more days….

baichiblog says:

I was on my honeymoon on Ovation of the Seas from 11th to 15th Mar 2017 fro Singapore to Phuket.

1) The North Star only worked for for few hours on first morning of the cruise. It never worked after and most guests never got their ride they paid for and there would be no compensation, nor apology. Thousands of guests would just have to suck it up.

2) Many guests were not able to get a ride on iFLY during to lack in reservations. Out of our party of 4, only 2 of us manage to get reservations on the LAST session on the LAST day of the cruise. We were lucky to get half of what we paid for. THANK GOD!

3) The Chinese food on board is horrendous. Singaporeans can expect to get much better Chinese food from our streets than on-board. Do NOT expect Chinese food from the Silk restaurant, despite its Chinese decor and name. This restaurant serves the EXACTLY same menu as the other 3 complimentary restaurants. The salmon is especially rubbery during our first meal on the 12th at Silk restaurant. Meals improved on other restaurants on other days as long as we stayed far from any dish Chinese. (PS The Chinese fare at Kungfu Panda restaurant is just as poor. Take your cue from the lack of customers there.) For elderly Chinese guests, the “老干妈” sauce at the 4 restaurants helps to make some dishes more palatable for them.

4) A 3D movie of Kungfu panda scheduled on the program was simply cancelled without prior notice nor apologies. Feel sorry for the kids waiting blindly outside the theatre.

5) An open-air movie on the pool deck for “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” was played an hour earlier and at the wrong time, despite clock changes while we travelled to Phuket and we missed the movie.

6) The seaplex is mostly full. It is almost impossible for most guests to get a bumper car ride during to severe under-capacity. The ships is satisfied to idle the seaplex for guests to let guest play BASKETBALL for most times. Only if you queue BEFORE activity starting about 20 minutes, can guests even get a spot for roller skating or trapeze. Why idle the facilities when they can ramp up offerings to serve demand? I have no idea.

7) Events in the afternoons were severely lacking and guests can expect to be entertained as the ship ropes in housekeeping staff to demonstrate how to fold SIX towels into animal shapes (the event even started 15min late)!

8) Only 3 X-box units were functional out of 6 when we trying to play. In the end, the kids would be hogging the units, and majority of guests should not expect to get any play.

9) Conclusion: Food and service were alright for the most part. Events were poorly organised, but a few night shows redeemed the cruise experience somewhat. (The night shows feel rushed but that helps to shorted the shows so that they can have one more session a night).

*IMPORTANT: Do NOT trust you will get your experiences on North Star or iFLY despite paying for them.

Claude Archary says:

We’re booked for it’s first visit to Alaska in 2019!

Hi Hi says:

Are u docked in Perth

Tara Diab says:

I love your reviews especially when you are both in the blogs ❤️❤️❤️

Jere Cullen says:

I just got off this ship this morning! Me and my partner had a fantastic time onboard. We had 4 nights on this amazing beautiful ship!

Jenny Bentancort says:

yes she is big and yes it does take a while to go around… but she is so much fun…

whydoidoit says:

Just did a repositioning cruise from Singapore to Beijing aboard the Ovation, such an amazing vessel! The real highlight for me was the Vintages wine bar and the fantastic wine and whiskey tastings. An experience I will never forget!!

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