Norwegian Joy Preview Tour ~ Norwegian Cruise Line ~ Cruise Ship Tour [4K Ultra HD]

Check out a behind-the-scenes preview tour of Norwegian Cruise Line’s new Norwegian Joy for the Chinese market as it’s under final construction. Highlights include accommodations: Balcony Cabin, Concierge Family Cabin, Junior Suite, Courtyard Suite 1, Courtyard Suite 2 and Penthouse Suite; Observation Lounge, The Haven Casino, The Haven Lounge, The Haven Courtyard, The Haven Restaurant, Concierge Lounge, Serenity Park, Aqua Racer, Ocean Loop, Spice H2O, Mandara Spa, Bar at the Atrium, Joy Tea Room, The Grand Tea Room, Food Republic, Godiva, The Waterfront, Joy VIP Casino, Joy Casino, High End Retail, Neptune’s Seafood, Cagney’s Steakhouse, The Manhattan Room, Taste Restaurant, Savor Restaurant, Sakura & Hibiscus, La Cucina, Le Bistro, Le Cave, Noodle Bar, American Diner, Garden Cafe, The Supper Club, Splash Academy, Galaxy Pavilion, Laser Battle, Race Track and Joy Theater. ~ Visit Our Website:


Marian Akiti says:

I love the NCL brand. NCL Joy is on my list for 2019.

Matthew Hahn says:

Wow so biggest cruise after cause accident fire?

Matthew Hahn says:


Scott Singer Cruises says:

Awesome video! Such a pretty interior!

Ida Caruso says:

Love My NCL Fantastic

War-is-hell says:

Bloody fantastic video, Honestly Beautiful. Bit of a shame there was no voice over as I enjoy it through out most of your videos, I wonder if possible to make two versions of the videos for those who want one or the other? Not sure but awesome awesome work.

mcflirty2007 says:

What an amazing video. Fabulous music choice.

LLT says:

Where’s the voiceover?

CodingTuts says:

How did you get in?

J.H. Gregorald says:


Fromthefuture says:

What is the music selection ?

Zachary Levine says:

Why does this have to be placed in Asia! Send them the Bliss and give us this!

TylerS 6163 says:

One question, if you had to choose your favorite cruise ship what would it be?

Emmanuel Esteban says:

I want to travel in this cruise, it has what I’ve ever spected in some cruises

Ian Cassanova says:

Great work as usual.

CodingTuts says:

What camera did you use?

mafkaast says:

This ship looks freaking amazing!!! I hope they will make something similar for America or Europe sails! Love the interior and all the entertainment they have like Laser tag and Go Kart!

acappella says:

THIS is easily the most beautiful and subtly decorated NCL ship in the fleet. Excellent job, NCL ~ !!

annainaspen says:

Jason, what is the quality of the balcony and family cabin furniture? They remind me of the Contemporary DVC rooms at Disney World. They chipped and dented easily.

Daniel Chacon says:

loved being on the Escape, but the Joy has some better stuff. A go cart track at sea?!!

Benziono Caron says:

Does anyone notice the beeping in the second piece of music?

HappyBurger says:


NuggetOfBlueGold says:

4:45 on, love the music, and the images of the video games – I was so engrossed, I completely forgot what video I was watching! 😉

Steve Roth says:

Awesome video as always! Any idea/speculation on what features will carryover from the Joy to the Bliss, particularly when it comes to restaurants?

Alex Chambers Cruise says:

great Video!!

Carnotaurus sastrei says:

It is norwegian joy

Kallis Shipworld says:

WOW! Great Preview Tour! The Ship looks fantastic. I stayed at the Float Out and the River Conveyance. Great shots of board to see. The Ractrack is a absolute Highlight. Thumbs up.

Fire hydrant says:

Yessss finally a good video on the inside

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