How to Prepare for a (Gay) Cruise

Get my tips on preparing for the next Atlantis cruise, on board the Harmony of the Seas to the Caribbean, Jan 20-27, 2018!

Check out my video from my last Atlantis cruise:


Jason Geldmacher says:

Going on the RSVP cruise in February again. Love gay cruises.

stephen761 says:

hello I am a single middle aged disabled gay man (I can’t do a lot of walking I use a cane to help me get about and keep my balance). I am looking to take a cruise but I am very limited in my funds. Can you suggest a gay singles cruise I can take and fit in. While not having to be constantly worried about the expense of things but still have a great time. A Caribbean cruise really does not interest me. I personally would like a British Isles or Mediterranean cruise. Any Suggestions for a travel agent and a cruise line. Another YouTube traveler suggested Holland America, or P&O??? please feel free to email me directly and in the title please mention Gay Cruise other wise I may miss your response my email at

RaysinSF says:

I’m going to say “Hi Joey!” when I see you!

Michael Viavattine says:

See you on board! I watch your Atlantis vids to pump myself up!

Refined Phenomena says:

I have a question.
What is the alcohol situation? Are there like open complementary bars? Or a certain arrangement where I don’t have carry my credit card or sort of payment ?

Shawn wong says:

Lol, condoms and lube?

S R says:

How much money should i put away for the whole cruise ? Do I need a passport?

Justin Zhang says:

Hello, Joey. Can you write the cruise name and other useful informations in the description section of the video? Thank you.

Jack Thomas says:

So I hear this cruise was quite possibly the best Atlantis have ever done? AWESOME!
Following this video, do you think you were as prepared for it as thought? Do you have any lessons learnt for the next cruise?
Looking forward to your recap of your experience! *microwaves popcorn*

Asian Circuitry says:

You really answered all the questions that I would never know to ask before taking a cruise. Your down-to-earth way of explaining everything made me feel like I was on the ship too. I’m hoping to go on this Atlantis cruise in 2020. Thank you so much!

John Millican says:

NO INTERNET!!!!!!!!! NO GRINDR!!!!!!! 🙁 WTF!!! WTF!!!!!!!! I’m not an animal!!!

Andrew W says:

You forgot to mention which is very Important especially for new cruisers….
– leave your attitude ashore. It is a attitude free ship. Do not bitch about other people. So leave your attitude ashore.
– say hi to everyone doesn’t mean you are wanting to get into their pants but you could meet the most amazing people that could be your friends.
– people are not all muscle queens or twinks the majority are around 30-50.
-be friendly. Be friendly. And all else be friendly.

There is a mix bag of people who will be on board. Say hi to all and have fun.

Rahmat Books says:

i want to cruise but it’s hard because i need visa 🙁

Justin Zhang says:

The business card idea is awesome. I never thought of that.

Lork Lorkman says:

What advice do you have for a straight guy going on his first gay cruise? Odd i know but i just like to dance and have a good time without judgement. The straight bars and clubs where i live at are filled with guys who pretend to be tough and look like they’re not even enjoying themselves.

Dominique Marsh says:

I don’t do any type of boat nor out in the waters & whatnot but you made me question why not. So fuck it, why not. It’s am experience, good or bad.

Richard Springer says:

Your videos are great. I will be going on Atlantis on whatever cruise they plan for January of 2019. Do you have some suggestions on what clothing to bring for things like theme parties? Does Atlantis let you know what the them parties will be when you book the cruise with them?

mjstudios97 says:

Not sure how it is on bigger cruises but I’d recommend bringing some air fresheners, to help with odor circulations when eventually everyone will have to use the cabin restrooms at one point need to go number two 🙂 and maybe some suction hooks to provide some extra toiletry storage if needed for convenience

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