Holland America MS Westerdam Tour and Review (Post Refit Innovations and Additions)

Come on a tour of the revamped Holland America Line Westerdam cruise ship. During a dry dock in 2017 many new features were added to the ship that are now being rolled out across the entire Holland America fleet. These include things like EXC (Explorations Central), Rijksmuseum at Sea, the “Music Walk” (with bars like BB King’s Blues Club, Billboard On Board, Lincoln Center and Gallery Bar). I show you around the ship and explore these and much more of the public areas, dining venues and fitness / spa facilities.

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Tik Tak says:

just came back from this cruise yesterday 🙂

WD Harris says:

Haven’t cruised HA for a number of yrs. I love the line just too many older folks. I don’t want a Carnival party boat with hot tub parties and chug a lug contests…..just some younger folks. Great video by the way…thanks for posting.

thejokerspeaks says:

Intriguing. I love their new focus on destinations.

Ben says:

I wish they could add the Tamarind to their Vista class ships. I’ve been told that adding the kitchen facilities would add too much weight to the top of the ship, even in a refit.

Jake Paulers111 says:

Thank you for posting this video. I went on Holland America Line ms Westerdam last month And my experience with the ship was absolutely amazing.

aNgEL'z hEaRT says:

I am planning to alaska , apart from itineraries I hesitate about the ship which one better for me. I am concerned about the food. Where can i find information about this ship which amenities I can use without extra costs?

Valerie Valerie says:

Informative video. I had been on Westerdam several years ago and had a great cruise and thought ship was nice as it was. It does go for an older market but I think you get a lot for the money in terms of service and quality of food. Gary, when are you going to update your podcast? I miss it. I had to search you out to see if you were still active in other areas.

Theresa Cottrell says:

Which is your preferred ship to cruise Alaska? We were looking at Eurodam, but having trouble deciding. Verandah/Balcony rooms are what we are planning on getting. Thanks so much for your thorough reviews, I have saved & liked many!!

wendy smith says:

wow i think my hubby and i need to do another HAL cruise, love the new innovations

imhellag says:

Wow I am glad to have stumbled on this channel… the best cruise ship reviews and tours with personal clips of the ship itself!

Carrousel Travel says:

Great new technology at work.

stylez LP says:

Thanks for your thorough review! Booked my first cruise after watching this video to see how the ship was like.

David Andrew says:

Only travelled on a cruise once and it was the Nieuw Amsterdam. I am looking at more cruises all the time and would like to stay on Holland America if I can. I am an old fart and this suits me. I am not super mobile and enjoy the old world charm.

Carey M says:

I recently did the Panama Canal on Nieuw Amsterdam. It was refitted not long ago as well. Looks almost identical to the MS Westerdam. The music walk is terrific and I found the entertainment on board generally superior to Princess. Access to recent released movies in cabin is worth mentioning for rainy days at sea or just a change (afternoons for me if I didn’t like what was offered on board. I just grabbed a pre made sandwich from the Lido Market and a fresh made bag of potato chips or piece of fruit and watch a matinee in my cabin.) Really enjoyed the ship so much I am thinking of squeezing in a 7 day Alaska this summer on the same ship!

Shannon Gilroy-Cook says:

Is there a place to dance since it looks like the nightclub is gone? Are there any DJ dance spots?

Tips For Travellers says:

What do you think of the latest innovations and new features that Holland America are launching and rolling out? Leave your thoughts and comments and add to the discussion!

HermyTP says:

cruise ships vid are the best vid 🙂

Scott Singer Cruises says:

Awesome video! Very thorough!

David Chan says:

Bad food. Poor shows. Worst ship I was on.

Blacksan Reynolds says:

Thank you!

That was a great and informative video.

Petr Frizen says:

Muy interesante y perspicaz! Especialmente, los segmentos de museo y gimnasio.

John A says:

The worst god-awful cruise and company!!

A true nightmare made possible by Holland America Line. I never ever experienced a company like this to be as cruel and heartless as it is. I was on a transatlantic crossing on the Westerdam that left March 30th 2017 from Ft. Lauderdale. I regularly do transatlantic crossing but not on Holland America before.
While onboard the ship the oddest most insulting experience ensued. I was repeatedly harassed by ship staff and officers. I still have no idea why (as to this day no one has told me the reason for treating me so poorly) they repeatedly disrespected me and insulted me. They made up accusations against me that were completely fictitious. When confronting me about these fake accusations they would kept repeating the same questions after I answered them. They would follow me around the ship as I did laps. They would tell my stewards to try to get into my cabin even though I had the do not disturb sign on.
The security and pursers staff would repeatedly accuse me of doing illegal activity in my cabin because I wouldn’t have room service for a few days at a time. Every time they cleaned they would report back to the security to tell them if they found anything. Illegal activity would be, I’m guessing drugs. At one point the made me get a check up by the ships doctor to see I guess if I had in my system or if I looked like I could be on them or dealing them. Who the hell knows) this piece of trash doctor Dupress saw me going off of conjecture from the officers asking for my blood pressure and stuff and wanting to do other exams told them not to waste my time. He even was told by an officer that I had a rip in my pants. Which was true that happened while I was walking outside. He didn’t say anything but just starts laughing and wanted me to remove my jacket and turn around .. I knew exactly that this immature unprofessional idiot wanted to see a tear in my pants. I just looked at him told him That I’m aware that the pants were torn. Then the best part who looked up my emergency contact. And threatened to call my mother to ask her the same questions about me to make her worry. I told him he better not or he’s gonna have a problem. He just giggled and said ok .. like a 4 year old. In the infirmary also was a nurse Med assistant. I don’t know asking me questions like if I knew where I was .. I said somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. She gave me a snobby face and said “but on a ship right !?” Trying to be smart with a passenger like that .. incredible! I was accused of everything from trying to break furniture to threatening guests. All of which were completely fictitious. I couldn’t believe the accusations and when I would complain to the pursers to complain they couldn’t tell me anything for sure. (I guess they either they didn’t know or just couldn’t tell me.) the pursers would only offer me half hearted apologies. I still don’t understand what I did to deserve any of this. I’ve never seen a company handle guest relations so poorly.
The harassment continued the entire 2 week trip. I felt like and treated like a prisoner on that ship.
After I got off I immediately wrote a complaint to the company, they told me it would be forwarded to the “head office” and that I would hear about it soon. I only asked that it be investigated and that the responsible parties were held accountable.
Months passed and no response was given. Not even a confirmation email of the complaint. Nothing. I called once twice three times four times over the next months no one knew or could tell me anything. After 4 months in august I finally got an email reply. After continuous calling voices my frustration sadness over what happened and holland America lack of response. I was excited to read it, hoping it would contain answers to my questions and some form of an apology. Here’s what I got. The most insulting nasty letter I think I could’ve been written and from the office of the President. It’s attached at the bottom .. as u can see it’s the most condenscending letter. It’s written that they apologized IF I felt that things weren’t handled properly..’ IF?? I know they weren’t. And then my favorite part as a gesture of goodwill they offered me dinner at Canaletto. Five months of waiting a horrible experience and they offer me dinner at Canaletto..? Unbelievable, no mention of investigation no mention of holding anyone responsible. This letter made me sick.
I contacted the company a week or so later and told them about it and said to them how disgusted I was with Holland America and told them that I just want my money back and not ever think about them again. They told me someone will get back to me regarding this by the end of business day .. two weeks later ..nothing!! Typical . I called back to see what was going on. Knowing that they’re ignoring me on purpose .i told them how upset I was and that I wanted some reply finally on the eleventh I get another email attached in the following post ) denying the request to be refunded ..for all the heartache I suffered they rejected a I would say, pretty reasonable request.
So I write this, and not only here but I’m posting it on every review forum I can find. Because people should know about what the staff of this company is like all the way up to the office of the President.

Paul Bjorlin says:

I appreciate this vid. I was on the Westerdam before the changes but will be on it in 2018 for 43 days but so far have not cared for some of the changes such as in the crows nest but than pictures do not always math up to reality. Great job on the vid and explanations.

Nick Barshay says:

Thank you, I am sailing on the Westerdam in November and was excited to see the new direction that HAL is headed. It was also important to me to notice that they now have a dedicated chess table instead of the old movable board and pieces.

Phillip Riggins says:

Pretty Cool video, thanks for posting this video. My wife and I went on the same ship as you did. We went on the Alaska cruise round trip from Seattle.
I’ve got lots of Travel videos on my YouTube channel. Check them out when you get a chance to. Thanks!

Luifer says:

the hydropool, is it free to use ?

Patsy LouAllen Jones says:

Sailed on Westerdam February, I look forward to sailing again to see all the improvements.

kajun74 says:

Just sailed on the Westerdam..sort of miss the crowsnest….was always a great place to relax and listen to live music on other Holland ships….not a fan of the change….

Luke Davis says:

I was on this ship in mexico before the renovations and all I can say now is WOW! What a great job they did.

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