Biggest Cruise Ships in the World by 2018 | Top 10 future vessels and fun facts 2017-2018

Which Cruise Ships will make the Top10 Biggest by 2018?
UPDATE: Symphony of the Seas will most likely be the name of the 4th Oasis Class Ship!!

Lines From Royal Caribbean to MSC Cruises will show their biggest and best future cruise ships!

Here is the list of the biggest from this year:

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Biggest Cruise Ships in the World by 2018 | Top 10 future vessels and fun facts 2017-2018

1. Harmony of the seas
Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean
Gross Tonnage: 227,500
Passengers: 5,494
Crew: 2,175
Fun Fact:
The Worlds Biggest Cruise Ship its a truly
unique ship, It is an Oasis class Ship but has
many amenites of a Quantum class ship aswel,
she also has many Inovations such as the
tallest dry slide at sea, robot bar tenders,
waterslides, and much, much more.
2. Allure & Oasis of the seas
Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean
Gross Tonnage: 225,282
Passengers: 5,400
Crew: 2,384
Fun fact:
The first Ship, Oasis of the
Seas was about 70,000 tons
heavier than any other cruise
ship when it first debuted,
its ground-breaking design
and Neighborhood concept
is still being used today by
Royal Caribbean to make
new ships. Fort lauderdale is
home to Allure of the Seas
and formally home to
Oasis who now sails out of
port Canaveral.
3. Quantum, Anthem & Ovation of the seas
Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean
Gross Tonnage: 167,800
Passengers: 4,180
Crew: 1,300
Fun Fact:
The most technologicaly advanced ships have
a lot to offer both inside and out, from
bumber cars to indoor skydiving, and all
three ships sail from unique parts of the earth
(New York, Australia, Asia)
4. MSC Meraviglia
Cruise Line: MSC Cruises
Gross Tonnage: 167,600
Passengers: 4,500
Crew: 1,540
Fun Fact:
The “Ship for all Seasons” will debut in
summer 2017, have the largest waterpark at sea
and will be based in the Mediterranean
5. Norwegain Escape, Joy & Bliss
Cruise Line: Norwegain Cruise Line
Gross Tonnage: 164,600
Passengers: 4,200
crew: 1,730
Fun Fact:
With Escape sailing the
Caribbean, Joy very soon to
sail Asia, info on where Bliss
will sail has just been
relased, she will sail from
southampton to Alaska in
spring 2018, give week
cruises from seatle to alaska
all summer, give Mexican
Rivera Cruises in
the fall then the Caribbean
cruises in the winter, then to
repeat itself the following
6. Norwegian Epic
Cruise line: Norwegian cruise line
Gross Tonnage: 155,873
Passengers: 4,100
Crew: 1,7000
Fun Fact:
She is the only ship in her class and is very independant,
she has had home ports in both Europe and the United
States, she is currently sailing out of Port Canaveral.
7. Freedom, Libery & Independance of the seas
cruise line: Royal Caribbean
Gross tonnage: 154,407
Passengers: 3,782
Crew: 1,360
Fun Fact:
This Class of ships were the largest at Sea until the debut
of Oasis of the seas. Each ship will soon be refurbished
with water slides like Liberty of the Seas recently did.
8. MSC Seaside
Cruise Line: MSC cruises
Gross Tonnage: 154,000
Passengers & Crew: 5,300
Fun Fact:
She will Debut in December 2017 as a Miami-based
MSC Cruise Ship and will be the first to use the
nearly completed MSC Miami Cruise Terminal
9. Queen Mary 2
Cruise Line: Cunard Line
Gross Tonnage: 148,528
Passengers: 2,620
Crew: 1,250
Fun Fact:
Mostly sailing transatlantic voyages, she is the last true
“Cruise Liner” and was the largest passenger ship from
2004-2006 before the debut of Freedom of the Seas.
10. Norwegain Breakaway & Getaway
Cruise Line: Norwegain Cruise line
Gross Tonnage: 146,600
Passengers: 3,969
Crew 1,651
Fun Fact:
New York-Based Norwegain Breakway will give cruises in
Scandinavia in summer 2018, in that time frame, Miami
based Norwegain Escape will cover for Breakaway by
giving week-long cruises to Bermuda from New York.


Jbob And sabastion says:

I’m going on the harmony!

Lim Kok Thay says:

Genting Dream? It is larger than Queen Mary 2.

Vitto53 2005 says:

The passengers of MSC Meraviglia isn’ t 4500 but 5700

Lex James says:

The queen Mary 2 is not meant to be here, the Queen Mary 2 is not a cruise. It’s an ocean liner.

sebastien dubosclard says:

Gross ton is not weight It s a Space mesurance unity

hhsdrew123 says:

Did the number of people on board Harmony make a difference at all? Like activities etc.?

Cobba02REAPER Blake Tidbury says:

is the harmony of the seas great for familys?


I’ve been in all Disney cruise. all carnivals cruise line. and all royal Caribbean cruise line except Oasis. is it good. is it the same thing as is sister ship

Viral Shah says:

I am planning to take my family on Carribean Cruise in June/July 2017…any tips on best agent/site to book through…PLEASE ADVISE

Alex Chambers Cruise says:

& Carnival Vista?

kuku muku says:

I’m going on allure of the seas sunday!

luvmywetpets says:

When I cruise its EPIC

KingZong Gaming says:

The harmony is a frickin city

SiiliViin says:

By 2018 Symphony of the seas will become biggest ship and first spot, not Harmony. Also, why all MSC ships are ugly?

Karl-May-Spiele am Kalkberg says:

Is the Harmony bigger than the other ships of the Oasis-class ?
I always thaugt, that the Harmony is as big as the oasis and allure

Matt Andrei Silo says:

Symphony Of The Seas (Oasis 4) is gonna be 230,000 tons

zahid aslan says:

Harmony of the seas is the BIGGEST ship in the entire universe.

Cloey Poseno says:

I’m going on the largest one on April 16

HappyBurger s says:

Joy has laser tag and go karts and I’ve been on #3

George Henry says:

it’s true that for the Harmony of the Seas you need a GPS for traveling around the ship

MJacobs873 says:

I’m booked on the Symphony, which will be the new largest cruise ship in the world, at 230,000 tons. It is 3 feet longer than the Harmony and slightly wider.

Victoria Chism says:

My husband and I just pinky swore to NEVER go on a big cruise ship. We don’t know that many people with whom we want to spend 7 days.

Reviews with TNT says:

should i wait to go on symphony of the seas or go on harmony of the seas

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