Asia pre-cruise vlog: Los Angeles To Tokyo

Hey Cruisers,

In this video, we kick off our Asia Cruise series. It’s a 12 night cruise on the Diamond Princess, and we’ll visit Tokyo, Shimizu, Osaka, Taipei (Keelung), Hong Kong, Nha Trang & Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam, and Singapore.

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We start off this cruise vlog first thing in the morning with a lovely Los Angeles sunrise, and then we are off to LAX for some Airport adventure. Once we are on the plane we’ll give you a look at our seat assignments. We paid a little bit more for a tiny bit of extra space for the long flight. And it was a very long flight, but really not too bad. We had lots of movies, and tasty plane snacks! When we arrive in Yokohama we really have two main goals: 1. Money exchange in the Airport, and 2. Finding a bus to our hotel. We had done some research on getting these things done, and it really helped. We knew right where to go, and we’ll give you a quick look at the process. At the Hotel, I’ll give you a look at our accommodations. Lastly we’ll take your for a walk around Yokohama’s ChinaTown, and show you some of the many food options. Thanks for joining us for this day 1 cruise vlog as we travel to Japan for our Diamond Princess Asia Cruise. We’ve got much more Asia cruise adventures ahead. We’ll have some Asia cruise tips, more cruise vlogs from Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Singapore.

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Mary Lincoln says:


mark akira says:

The quality of this video (seamless transitions, music, editing) is excellent. Tells a short, informative , interesting and casual story.

bonnie bergstein says:

WOW!! Great way to start your fantastic journey!! JR Editor was in claw machine heaven!!

HappilyOnTheMove says:

what an amazing vlog! I am a new subscriber and in LOVE with your channel. Our 13th cruise is in a month, can’t wait! The first sea cruise with our toddler (we did river and lake when he was 1 yo). So excited! Thank you for all your packing and tips videos, it was such a great refresher for me 🙂

HeatherJones75 says:

Living Vicariously!! Love your Vlogs!

Ms Melissa says:

I think it’s so cool there are three beds, side by side, in one room.

Deana says:

Botox under the eyes really does work !

Susana Perez says:

So excited to see the rest of your trip. China Town looks amazing. I think I just moved Asia up on my list of places to visit.

Colleen H says:

Wow! Exciting trip you are on. I am so glad I searched for you and found this new video. For some reason YouTube has decided to hid all of your videos from my feed. Enjoy your trip. It truly is a once in a life time. Something I would love to do.

Kristal Sims says:

I just want say that I never ever before desired to visit Asia until now. This is so amazing to see this thru you and your family Sheri!! Thank you! The pure excitement of going on a adventurous journey IS AMAZING !!!

Samantha Surigao says:

Soooo fun!!! Love it!!!

Evelyn Garcia says:

What a blessing for your son to see so much so young! Awesome

Heidi Munk says:

Next time you need currency for different countries on a cruise or trip in general, go to your credit union and order the various types of currency you will need for your trip. If you order it all at once, there will only be one fee and you will get the very best exchange rates. You will also avoid horrible atm fees. I will be picking up my order in a few weeks for my Panama Canal cruise and excursions.

David Stevenson says:

You were in my recommended feed. Glad I found your, can’t wait to see more. And huge shout out to your movie choices on the flight…Mama Mia Here We Go Again…..sad yes, but it’s ABBA music….what can be wrong with that….and Crazy Rich Asians…….my favorite movie of this year by far. Have a wonderful trip

thejokerspeaks says:

Love it! I just had total subpar Japanese food here in the states, and that food looks sooo good. Enjoy your trip!

Madeline Mccan says:

Omg no shade but your hair is so bad here. It looks like a child has curled your hair

wendy smith says:

love your choice on movies lol , they are all good films. the hotels in the Asian countries are the best for amenities when we toured chine i came home with lots of toothbrushes and paste ect for future trips lol. i love that we can feel the excitement in your voice cant wait for the next vlog.


So can you explain why the hotel took all your passports?

N/A N/A says:

i thought your cruise was going from LA to Tokyo. lol that would be wild.

Heather Anne Ultimate Travel Adventures says:

Cruise in Asia – topping my New Year’s resolutions list for 2019!

Alexa Smith says:

Woah her eye bags have eye bags

Melissa Smith says:

Super excited to follow your adventure. What an amazing cruise to take… definitely a journey of a lifetime!! Safe journey… I cannot wait until your next video!!

Geraldine Miller says:

Brilliant first vlog guys. I love your channel. Can’t wait to see the rest of them. Happy anniversary cruise xx

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