Asia Cruise Vlog: Day 1 Yokohama Embarkation

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Hey Cruisers,
It’s day 1 of our Diamond Princess Asia Cruise series. This is the first day of our 12 night cruise, and we’ll cover 2800 nautical miles as we visit Tokyo, Shimizu, Osaka, Taipei (Keelung), Hong Kong, Nha Trang & Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam, and Singapore.
We start off this cruise vlog first thing in the morning with a lovely breakfast, courtesy of the Hotel Monterey Yokohama. The hotel worked out great (WiFI and breakfast were included!), and breakfast was the the perfect way to start the day. You’ll want to watch breakfast for a look at a Japanese special, Natto. Besides breakfast, another great thing about the hotel is the terrific view of the adjacent Yamashita park and the Osanbashi cruise port. And speaking of the park, the boys checked it out with a nice morning walk while I got ready for the big day. After the walk, it was time to head out to the port. We decided to walk, and you’ll get a good idea of exactly how walkable the port is it is from the Hotel Monterey Yokohama in this video. Port check-in was terrifically easy. It’s a super nice port, and we were very comfortable there. After we board the Diamond Princess, we’ll give you a look around our room, Izumi Japanese Bath, the spa, the gym, Kai Sushi, and a bit of the kid’s club. You won’t want to miss the sweet send off party from the Yokohama cruise port, and the lively sail away hosted by the bubbly cruise director Lynn Van Vorce. Thanks for joining us for this day 1 cruise vlog as we travel to Japan for our Diamond Princess Asia Cruise. We’ve got much more Asia cruise adventures ahead. We’ll have some Asia cruise tips, more cruise vlogs from Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Singapore.

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Aileen Perez says:

Wow that looks so awesome! I have my first long cruise coming soon thank you so much for sharing cant wait to see the next blogs ☺️

Maria Reyes-Ku says:

Amazing and beautiful video as always. Regards to Mr. CTTV and Jr. Editor!

Pauline Potts says:

Never been on a Princess Cruise, are the Muster drills always done in the theater or is that just where you got to go.

Rebecca Wants2travelMORE says:


bishy960 says:

You know what the best thing is about missing the first 5min of this vlog that premiered on CTTV Facebook page? You have to come here to Youtube and watch it all over again. Love it and really looking forward to this series.

WickedWonder1979 says:

This was awesome! Did you like the Natto? That texture worries me a bit. The baths and spa look amazing, I’d cruise just to use them! This was great to come home to, thank you!

AirFiero says:

VERY nice video, folks. Great work.

Nancy Zahradnik says:

Enjoyed your vlog and looking forward to seeing more of your cruise.

Jodan Lee Campos says:

I have a question and I hope you can answer me…when you did this Asian cruise, as an American citizen did you need any visas for any of the asian countries you visited? If yes which countries are they? Is there a site where ic an check which countries US citizens need a visa for for visiting? I could really use some help with this as we also plan to do an asian cruise in the next few years.

John Craft says:

Thank you for the first day tour. Looking forward to the rest of the cruise and the excursions.

Sarah says:

great vlog and loved the japan idea.. seen that you now have a academy.. its my understanding that we have to pay if we need to know more correct? if thats the case then i wont be joining it as life is way too expensive as it is and I cant afford another expense..also being australian its more for us to pay.. but good luck with it..i’ll still watch all your other stuff 🙂 oh Happy New year !

Family Ocean says:

Day 1 did not disappoint! I’m loving this!!!!

Scott Mottaz Sr says:

As usual, great video. Keep them coming

Janet Miller says:

The spa and garden were great. A beautiful hotel and friendly people.

BeeBee's Funtastic Adventures says:

nice ship, thanks for sharing.

Jeff Meeker says:

Wow. An Onsen on a ship.. That’s pretty cool.

Christian Garcia says:

Oh you tried Natto! I did not have the courage to try it while I was in Japan a few years ago. How did you like it?

Melana Lane says:

Omg Sheri! When you all were walking to the cruise terminal… Mr CTTV HAS to show us that camera set-up!!! The angle was perfect!!! It was so nice being able to see your family and the surroundings in the same shot ♥️ The editing is extremely well done. Jr Editor is so cute! I love that you take him everywhere, he is so well mannered and well behaved and being well traveled will open up so many opportunities for him when he’s older! Love this vlog, can’t wait for more!

La Lido Loca says:

Wow what a cool experience. That cruise terminal looked super cool and that spa area overlooking the aft pool, wowza. Love the shots from the 360 camera and how wide the footage from the room and spa looked. Nice. Nice. Nice. Looking forward to the next one. – Tony

Angie Kritenbrink says:

From the beginning.. It’s so great that your son gets these opportunities to meet people and see different cultures from a young age.

Derek Allyn says:

Haha… At 24:45 there’s a tug boat that made me laugh. I thought the name was the Kobayashi Maru. (It wasn’t, but I did a double take.) If you watch Star Trek you’ll get the reference.

Anita Riley says:

How cool was the Send Off Party!

diane Sanders says:

One word…. STUNNING!!

Wally Adams says:

What is the music we hear during the spa tour?

Maria Reyes-Ku says:

As a mother, I am so very proud of you Cheri, for introducing your boy to different experiences and to learn from other cultures. Kudos to you guys!

Naomie G says:

Wow, looks amazing. Love the Taiko drums. I can watch them play all day.

Jen M says:

Wow wow wow! Great filming! Your little guy it too sweet!

Cake Is Real says:

Saw the vlog on Facebook! Its a really good vlog.

bonnie bergstein says:

WOW!! Incredible embarkation day!! Such a beautiful ship!! JR Editor was having a great time!! An old pro at cruising!!
Loved the mini-suite (my favorite category on Princess too)!! The Japanese bath & spa was amazing!! And the sail away (send away?) was beautiful- but not too many dancers!! You looked great Sheri!! And I enjoyed seeing Mr CTTV!!

Lillian Reardon says:

Very Beautiful!

Ms Maree says:

Sheri, you have to know those sunglasses are everything! I’m loving them!

L Leopard says:

Were you nervous about having such a long journey the day before embarkation?

Pauline Potts says:

Loved the video, I had a spa mini suite on the Getaway when I cruised Christmas of 2017. I had free use of the spa and literally went everyday. It was so relaxing.

WD Harris says:

Really psyched about this new adventure…you talk about eating but don’t show the food….maybe that will come later. Thanks for posting.

DOUG and NIKI says:

Great first video…we loved cruising in Asia! What kind of drone are you guys using for the following shots walking to port?

Tyrone Shoelaces says:

Very well put together. You have have a very calming personality and entertaining charisma.

brettgibson says:

Looks amazing. I’ve never cruised around Japan, but have vacationed there 3 times now, I love the country and traveling round by Shinkansen.

That spa looks like a typical onsen spa, which if in the mountains etc would be fed by hot springs. I’d be very surprised to see anyone wearing swimwear of any kind whilst bathing as traditionally the Japanese spa nude. You shower beforehand as you described, and you make sure there is no soap left on your body when entering the bath. The bath is for soaking only. You have a modesty towel to move around between showers and baths, and traditionally, you fold it and place it on your head whilst in the bath!

It’s a uniquely Japanese experience, but a wonderful one. Many westerners though can struggle to let go of inhibitions and go nude, especially co-ed!

Have fun on your trip, it sounds exciting.

Christy and Ariel says:

Loved the tour. How unique and fascinating or a ship. Great video.

Lynn Hunter says:

Really enjoyed this video. Great job!

lincolnroad3 says:

Everything looked so beautiful including you

Wright Ideas with Susan says:

Oh wow! I loved this vlog. So beautifully done and I love Japan. It is a wonderful country to see and visit. I’ve never done a cruise there but will have a look into this one. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this cruise. Well done!

BritsOnAShip says:

Wonderful – definitely on our bucket list! Are the traditional japanese baths set aside for men, women or are they mixed/have different time slots?

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