Asia cruise on the Celebrity Millennium

Ross and Kathy Callaghan’s cruise on the Celebrity Millennium, April, 2015. Includes sections on life aboard the Celebrity Millennium, and travelogues for Hong Kong, Taiwan (Kaohsiung and Taipei); Japan (Nagasaki); Korea (Busan, Jeju Island and Seoul); and China (Tianjin and Shanghai).


Siamak Etemadieh says:

The white terror was carried out by the KMT under Chiang Kai Shek…. Communism never really came to Taiwan..

Sharon Rogers says:

Very well done and informative post. Thanks for sharing!

Yu Me Khan says:

Can I have your e-mail address? I have a few questions 🙂 I’m planning my cruise trip as well.

Harris sarah says:

Thank you! How exciting!

Sirracco says:

Thank you for sharing your cruise holiday!  The hoards of people are indeed quite amazing as is the various ideals of Asian culture thought the ages.  The adventure on the whole seems to have been quite amazing.  Thanks again for sharing!  Cheers!

Michael Moretsky says:

Great Video Calros3, really enjoyed the virtual cruise with you all! Hope to see you on a real one some day soon!

John Last says:

We are going on the same ship but in Jan 17,2016. Your vlog was very informative. I might add we had visited your fair country before. New Zealand was a great place. Very friendly people. Our cruise will take us to different places you had visited. We are looking forward to our cruise. Just not looking forward to our flight from North Florida , USA to Singapore.Again, thanks for a very informative video.

John Hales says:

We are going on September 11 from Vancouver to Shanghai,anybody else on the celebrity cruise then?

Kathy Bird says:

Your videos are so educational and interesting!

kuhne says:

We board in Yokohama and finish in Hong Kong this October. For my country they ask visas for both China and Taiwan so I got them, but I feel once we’re on Yokohama nobody is going to ask for them and I think once we stop in Shanghai and Taipei we won’t really need them. Also, what you said about passport photocopies? No one has ever said that to us. Could you elaborate?Thanks

calros3 says:

You definitely need the required number of passport photocopies. That is how they simplify the immigration process at the ports in countries other than China. ps. Don’t believe it when they say there is free wireless in the ports.

calros3 says:

The cruise line will contact you a little before departure to reinforce all immigration requirements.

Ron Yano says:

Thanks for posting this.  We are going on a Celebrity Millennium cruise starting October 2015  from Yokohama to Hong Kong with many of the ports on your cruise.

Catherine Christie says:

thanks for posting this – its nice to hear a kiwi voice – I live in Hk and looking into a cruises

Michael Wong says:

I like all other countries except China. Can you tell me how to book a cruise go around Asia excludeee,,,,,,China

Jodie LovesToColour says:

Love your cruise Vlogs!

Siamak Etemadieh says:

I suggest you do more research on Chiang Kai Shek.He fought a civil war with communist China, lost and fled to Taiwan. He didn’t bring democracy to Taiwan, he killed many Taiwanese people when he first arrived. Taiwan had a one party state for a very long time, only now has democracy flourished. Sun yat Sen is a widely respected statesman, he is probably the person you wanted to credit. Other than that nice video, I am interested cruising on this ship through Asia.

Margaret Yim says:

Thank you to share and talking the story of difference city; good trip.

Long Long Lam says:

Nice video

calros3 says:

Everyone had to get off at the first China port to be processed through customs, regardless of whether they wanted to go ashore. The processing took ages. So the China visa was needed by all passengers (and had to be purchased beforehand).

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